Youth Assembly Archive

Youth Assembly 2014-2016


Sam Lange

Senior Stewards

Christina Escorcio (with special responsibility for Town)

Katie Walters (with special responsibility for East)

Aoife Journeaux and Lucia Anderson (with special responsibility for West)

Youth Stewards

Jordi Brown (St. Thomas)

Melita Araujo (St. Thomas)

Joao Tomas (St. Thomas)

Kevin Gomes (St. Thomas)

Michael Pestana (St. Thomas)

Emma Richmond (St. Thomas and SMP)

Rachel Ollivro (SMP)

Poppy Thompson (St. Patrick's)

Robbie Whiteman (St. Patrick's)

Ada Zubercova (St. Patrick's)

Jack Taylor (Sacred Heart)

Daniel Reilly (St. Bernadette's)

Libby Cowieson (St. Bernadette's)

Niamh Cowieson (St. Bernadette's)

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