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About Us

JaCy is not a club and does not have membership. It is an association where by virtue of being young and Catholic, all our Catholic youth are part of that association and are welcome to be involved as much as they want or can be, in the opportunities and activities on offer. JaCy is an umbrella term for the youth activities and events that are offered all over our island parish. JaCy is also an umbrella term for the services that our young people give to our island community as they live their lives in Christ. The vision is ‘youth leading youth to the heart of the church’. 

JaCy was launched in 2005 by a group of young people, who, on retuning home following World Youth Day in Cologne, with Pope Benedict, wanted to “share what they had received”, as he asked them to do. They wanted to deepen faith and share prayer as well as socialise and reach out to others. Since then the association has spread out as an umbrella to develop many opportunities for children, young people and young adults.

Under the umbrella of JaCy, many different activities and events are available both within the Island and on occasions, off island (see our Activities page). These are overseen by our Parish Youth Assembly. These are the young leaders who help to organise and run the many events in the island. 

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